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I’m Zoe, a first generation farmer, mom to the world’s coolest kid, and nature enthusiast.  I believe that wedding flowers can be better for our planet, and better for our clients.  I'm proud to have started a flower farm that produces wedding flower arrangements entirely from our Connecticut grown blooms.  
I grow and arrange flowers for weddings and also grow eucalyptus, garlic, and garden plants, all with sustainable practices.  




Wedding Flowers

We create beautiful flower arrangements from flowers 100% grown on our farm in Sterling, CT.  Dahlias, zinnias and eucalyptus are among our many gorgeous offerings.  Support a local farm, local wildlife habitat, the local economy and a small, woman-owned business when you choose our gorgeous flowers for your special day.  Wedding flowers are available for events taking place mid-May through mid-October.  



Plant Sale

The best gardens grow from the healthiest plants, and we are proud to offer you our big, healthy transplants grown in 4-inch pots of premium natural potting soil.  All the plants are grown from seed on our small farm, and tended by hand with love, care, and attention to detail.  Available early May through early June, we offer a carefully curated selection of flowers and vegetable plants that are easy to grow, productive, and thrive under pest and disease pressure.  


Our garlic is flavorful and healthy.  In June, we harvest the unique and delicious garlic scape, the flower bud of the garlic plant.  These are wonderful grilled as a vegetable, or blended into a pesto or creamy dip.  In July, we have freshly harvested green garlic available, and dried garlic is available year round.  We grow our garlic using all natural methods and avoid using any synthetic chemicals.

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