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Perfect for a homeschooling project or to bring you joy while you are practicing social distancing.  You can hang this birdhouse by your window and watch the birds make a nest.  The gourds are drilled and have a wire hanging loop.  They are ready to go!  You can have fun being creative and painting colorful designs on your gourd.  These gourds have already been painted with a clear exterior primer to water proof them and allow you to paint on them.


Gourds are a natural product.  Each one is a unique size and shape.  Gourds have dark marks and indentations on them.


We grew organic gourds on our farm last summer, dried them during the fall, and spent the winter cleaning them, priming them, and drilling them to get them ready for your enjoyment.  We practiced social distancing and recycling.  Instead of going out to buy wire, we cut up wire coat hangers that we already had to make the loop at the top of the goud for easy hanging.  Late March and early April is the perfect time to hang a birdhouse, as the birds are getting ready to make their nests.  We recommend hanging in a location sheltered from wind for maximal enjoyment by the nesting birds.


You can have these gourds shipped to your door anywhere in the United States for just $5.00 flat rate shipping cost, no matter how many gourds you order.  You can also arrange for local pickup at our farm stand.  If you choose local pickup, write in the notes a few dates and times when you would be able to pickup, and I will email you to confirm an appointment for local pickup.  

Gourd Birdhouse