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Grow Great Dahlias!

Dahlias are one of the most beautiful and popular cut flowers that we grow.  They are also the plant that I get asked the most questions about how to grow.  In this 90-minute class, students will learn the entire process of growing dahlias for cut flowers.  Only five students are admitted into each time slot, maximizing the individual attention that you will receive during the class.  I will teach you the entire process of growing dahlias, from spring planting, through summer pest control, harvesting, digging dahlia tubers, dividing them, and storing them over the winter.  Learn to pre-sprout dahlia tubers indoors for earlier blooms.  Learn different methods to support your dahlia plants so that they don't fall down.  Learn to pinch and prune your dahlias for more blooms.  Learn everything that you need for successful dahlia plants!  The class will feature live demonstration and hands-on activities.  Dahlia tubers will be dug from the field, while dahlias blooming in the greenhouses will be observed.  The class and farm tour will also include an overview of the spring pre-sprouting set-up.  Participants will take home an e-book that goes over the information covered in the class, so that they can review it at any time.  I'm sure that this class will delight any flower gardener who takes it, whether you are brand new to growing dahlias, or an experienced dahlia grower.

Where and when?

The class will take place at Sterling Organic Farm in Oneco, CT on Saturday, September 25, 2021.  The class is recommended for teens and adults, but children under 12 may accompany an adult free of charge.

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