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Wedding Flowers

Local flowers customized to your taste

We're so proud to be offering sustainably grown wedding flower designs direct from our farm.  Whether you need flowers for a small elopement or an elaborate celebration, we want to make your wedding flowers as special and unique as your love.  We hope you will choose to celebrate the environment when you celebrate your special day by choosing our Connecticut-grown flowers.  We can provide buckets of flowers for brides who wish to arrange their own flowers (DIY option), or we can arrange the flowers for you, or a combination of DIY and arranged by us.  

We grow unique and gorgeous flowers that other florists do not carry, and our flower selection varies with the seasons.  We are happy to give you a free consultation.

nuzzos farm wedding-25.jpg

Get Started

1. Check out our work below; do our locally grown flowers fit your wedding needs?

2. Narrow down details for arrangements, color, style, and quantities

3. Email

4. Receive an accurate quote

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