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Farmer Zoe Madden

Helping you connect to nature

I'm Zoe and I'm wearing the tool belt around my waist in the picture to the left.  With me in the picture are my mom, dad and sister on my organic farm in Sterling, Connecticut.  I bought the farm in May 2019.  The farm was Wayne's Organic Garden from 1989 until when I took over the farm in 2019 after Wayne sadly passed away.  I grow all the flowers and vegetables, make our website, update our blog and social media, and bring our produce to restaurants, customers and markets.  Nature has always been where I go to relax and recharge.  I love looking at beautiful flowers and growing healthy food, and I hope to bring those same benefits I get from the farm to you.  On my farm I make sure to grow all our produce in ways that provide food and a healthy habitat to pollinators such as bees, birds and butterflies.

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