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Class takes place at 9AM on Saturday, September 25, 2021 at Sterling Organic Farm.


About the Instructor

Zoe Madden owns Sterling Organic Farm in Oneco, CT, where she grows dahlias for cut flowers for wedding bouquets and everyday flower arrangements.  She has a degree in botany from Connecticut College.  


About the Class

Get an inside look at how dahlias are grown at Sterling Organic Farm.  The 90-minute class covers everything through pre-sprouting in the spring, through digging, dividing, and storage of tubers in the fall.  


eBook Guide

Your class includes an eBook about growing dahlias, written by Zoe Madden.  Please download the eBook ahead of time and bring a smartphone or tablet that you can use to view the eBook during the class.  It is recommended that you read the eBook ahead of time, and come prepared to the class with your questions about dahlia growing.  The class will be small - only five students, so you will get lots of individual attention, and opportunities to have your questions answered.

9AM Dahlia Growing Class

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