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2023 Plant Sale

Update - 5/21/2023

The weather has finally warmed up, and we are through the last frost.  Plants are available in the self serve farm stand from 7am to 7pm daily.  As of today, the following plants listed below are in stock.  

Available Plants


Tomatoes - $5 per plant

Defiant - a red, early ripening salad tomato about the size of a tennis ball. Flavorful, productive and disease resistant. A compact plant great for containers.

Brandywise - big red main season slicer, great for burgers and sandwiches. Delicious and highly disease resistant, will keep producing until the frost comes.

Big Rainbow - big yellow tomato with some red streaks. Extremely juicy, sweet and flavorful!

Tie Dye - a large, colorful tomato with swirls of purple, pink and green. Not only colorful, but also delicious, sweet and smoky, with a rich tomato flavor.

Sun Sugar - I'm running low on these sweet yellow cherry tomatoes that are just like candy. Kids love them!

W. Cherry - Washington cherry tomato, a very productive and disease resistant red cherry tomato.


Squash - $5 per plant

Dunja - a productive, tasty and disease resistant green zucchini

Yellowfin - tender and delicate yellow zucchini, practically seedless when picked young

Waltham butternut - a sweet, delicious winter squash. Stores well to last all winter.

Spaghetti squash - a delicious low carb alternative to pasta. The texture is like spaghetti!


Peppers - $5 per plant

Bell pepper - Can be harvested green or red. A productive and disease resistant variety of bell pepper.

Lunchbox - mini peppers in shades of red, orange and yellow. Perfect for snacking. Sweet and mild.

Shishito pepper - little green chili peppers with no spice. They are great to braise and sprinkle with salt and lemon juice as an appetizer.

Jedi - a productive jalapeno pepper variety. Spicy and flavorful!

Carolina reaper - the world's hottest pepper! One pepper will make your whole pot of soup pleasantly spicy.


Other vegetables and herbs - $5 per plant

Asian eggplant - long and thin, sweet and delicious with no trace of bitterness. These are also the easiest eggplants to grow.

Candy stevia - natural zero calorie sweetener. Just boil the leaves in water or add them to hot tea to extract the sweetness. Will be perennial if you bring it indoors for the winter.

Chamomile - produces a tiny, daisy-like flower that makes a delicious and soothing herbal tea

Thyme - a savory herb that's delicious on all types of meat and seafood. Good for salad dressings, too.


Cucumbers - $7 per six-pack

Marketmore - productive and tasty salad cucumber, a nice big traditional cuke

Pickling - We grow H-19 little leaf pickling cucumber because it is very disease resistant and will grow like a weed. Nice small cukes for pickling.


Flowers - $7 per six-pack



Bachelor buttons




Fruit - $5 per plant

Sugar baby watermelon - personal sized watermelon that ripens sooner than other watermelon varieties, making it easier to grow in Connecticut

Arava honeydew - a sweet and productive personal sized honeydew melon plant


Other vegetables and herbs - $7 per six pack

Nor'Easter Pole Bean - saves space in your garden by climbing up a fence or trellis. Easier to pick because beans are off the ground. Early to produce tasty green beans.

Spinach - delicious and nutritious!

Lettuce - mixed red and green lettuce, all of them cut and come again varieties to keep you picking lettuce all summer long.

Cabbage - a big green cabbage variety, great for making stuffed cabbage and for storing to eat during the winter

Scallions - adds a delicious oniony flavor to your cooking. Easy to grow.

Basil - delicious in tomato salads and for making pesto

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