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The plant comes in a pack of four plants in 1.5 inch soil blocks, and you will pick it up at Sterling Organic Farm during the plant sale, on your choice of either May 14th or 15th, 2022.  You may also email ahead of time to pick it up on a different date and time, if you are unavailable to pick up on the 14th or 15th.  I cannot ship plants, sorry.  They are for on farm pickup only.   



Beautiful and unique periwinkle blue flowers float atop a mist of green foliage that resembles carrot leaves.  A popular nickname for this flower is "love-in-a-mist."  These flowers make great cut flowers.  The plants are about eighteen inches tall.  After the flowers fade, big, green, balloon-like seed pods will form, which also add a unique textural accent to flower arrangements.  Left on the plant, the seed pods will burst open and produce next year's crop of nigella.  Self-seeds readily.  

Nigella - 2022 Plant Sale Preorder

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